The Nursing Services of Hospitals Management Board was one of the Divisions in 2004 when Hospitals Management Board (HMB)  set –up Team was established, same upgraded to Department in 2006.This became necessary to meet the need for qualitative, compact service patient centered Health care to FCT residence.

The department operates two main divisions namely: Nursing Services (NS) and Training (T).

Nursing Services Department of HMB oversees the activities of nursing Units in all the twelve Hospitals to ensure effective, efficient and standardized evidence based Nursing care which is affordable and accessible.

Nursing is a Noble Profession guided by ethics and adoption of different models of care that suits the patient/clients needs, the use of Nursing care plan at all stage the professional Nurse comes in contact with a patient is used as a tool for monitoring prognosis which encourages holistic involvement of the health care team.


The Department believes in rendering uncompromised care that will make Nursing and Midwifery services responsive and people oriented, encourage team work and meet the needs of individuals, family and communities in FCT.

The department believes in continuing education and research, promotes, encourage unity and understanding among the processionals and the public, this can be achieved through:

  • Assessment
  • Nursing Diagnosis
  • Care plan
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation.

This will standardize practice by ensuring regular supervision, monitoring.