The Department of Clinical and Diagnostic Services (DC&DS) evolved as one of the Departments of the HMB at the inception of the Board in 2006. It is the largest of all the four(4) major Departments of the HMB comprising of several units including the following: Medical &Dental services; Physiotherapy; Optometry;  Medical Laboratory Services Unit; Radiology; Histopathology; Medical Records/Health Information Unit; Nutrition/Dietetics Unit & Biomedical Engineering Unit.

The overall goal of the DCDS is the coordination of the activities of its various units in the provision of quality services that are efficient, effective and affordable with the sole aim of improving the health of the Residents of FCT and its environ.

The Department supports the delivery of these health care services by also ensuring the generation of high quality Health Information and Data as well as ensuring availability and maintenance of safe and effective medical technology including state of the art Medical Equipment, in a cooperation effort with the other members of the Health Care Team.


The Department of C&DS performs the following functions:

  1. Provides leadership in patients’ care and coordinates the activities of the various units in the area of clinical and hospital-based rehabilitation services delivery.
  2. Develops and ensures the implementation of policies and professional standards/guidelines aimed at improving clinical care in the Hospitals to meet patients expectations
  3. Collation of Health Information/data for purposes of planning, training and Research
  4. Coordination of Postgraduate Medical training, training of intern Medical Officers, Laboratory Scientists and Radiographers in the Hospitals
  5. Defines the need and deployment of staff to the appropriate units of the Hospitals
  6. Coordination of the supply, distribution and maintenance of medical equipment and plants in the Hospitals through the Biomedical Engineering/Maintenance unit
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation of patients’ care in the Hospitals
  8. Facilitation and/or conduct of operational Research for improved patients’ care.
  9. Planning, provision and management of the Department’s resources



The Department has an extensive range of services it provides through all its various units. The clinical Services unit provides a wide range of services to the patients in the Hospitals while the Diagnostic services unit provides high quality laboratory, radiological and histopathology services to support patients’ management. The supporting unit of Biomedical Engineering ensures regular maintenance of both medical and plant equipment.


The Department of Clinical &Diagnostic Services coordinates HMB’s Postgraduate Residency Training Programmes in the Departments of Family Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as internship programmes in Medicine & Surgery, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Radiography in all the accredited Hospitals.