The Medical Records and Health Information Unit is headed by a Chief Medical Records Officer and is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Documentation and generation of data on patients
  • Filing and retrieval of patients data for follow-up treatment, and for training and Research purposes
  • Categorization of diseases based on WHO International Classification of Diseases, injuries and other Health related cases
  • Maintenance of appointment system in the Hospitals to regulate patients flow into all the Specialist Clinics
  • Forwarding of Data to statutory bodies such as Department of Health Planning, Research & Statistics FCT, and Federal Ministry of Health
  • Maintenance of Archives for old records of patients in all Hospitals
  • Handling of all administrative matters that are incidental to the Staff of the Medical Records/Health Information unit

There are at present 59 Medical Records Officers, 23 Medical Records Technicians, 18 Medical Records Assistants and 42 support staff in all the FCTA Hospitals.